Logo design and identity

Logo design and identity for Center for Research on Opportunities and Human Personality Development.

IIdea of this project:

Center for the Research of Opportunities and Human Personality Development The main task of the center is to improve the health and quality of life. Help a person to realise his creative potential. Management of psycho-emotional and mental health. The center is engaged in assessment, diagnostics, monitoring, consulting and development of a person’s personality.

Explores the values motives, psychological characteristics, emotional condition, knowledge, work skills, skills, capabilities. It helps to gain self-confidence and develop a fruitful relationship with oneself, to create a successful and meaningful life. The center helps to save time spent on diagnosing and treating mental problems.

In the logo, we reflected the idea of ​​transformation from one state of a person to a new one, which is, evolution, personal development, the desire to be better, the desire to form and achieve goals.


Happiness is not far away.

Success is self-improvement.

Run to meet your fears.


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Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata