Logo design and identity

Logo design and Identity for information product FSM EXPERT (Field Service Management Expert).

Idea of this project:

Information product FSM EXPERT (Field Service Management Expert), it is a cloud-based system for remote management of field and mobile personnel. Tracks the status of personnel, their location and the actions performed. Helps to predict the movement and geographic location of employees, assign them tasks and track the status of execution. Uses GPS technology to accurately position workers and predict the time of their arrival at the customer. Keeps financial statistics on the earnings of field personnel, prepares paperwork and generates analytical reports.

The key idea of ​​the brand is to find an ideal employee who will resolve the complex of tasks assigned to him.

Brand image: confident, innovative, honest, not aggressive, technological – everything is thought out from the beginning, always there and ready to help, smart expert in his field, navigator managing all information processes, fast, flexible, with dignity, the owner of a strong-willed male character. Clear. Understandable. Open.

Key image: The key idea of ​​the visual image is to help the head of the company, to solve his problems. The platform is the right hand, information assistant, in charge, executive, “ideal” employee for the head of any company.

The main graphic element of the logo is the abbreviation FSM + EXPERT lettering. The logo is modern, technological with a “strong-willed male character”. The dynamics of the FSM EXPERT letters in the logo sets different directions, we see arrows in it, which show us the way, the logo itself also resembles a technological pattern.

We used red and gray colors in the logo, which visually enhances his masculinity is strong, confident, energetic, self-sufficient.

Slogan: Honest. Innovative. Your information assistant.


Global Information Systems


Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata