Logo design and identity

Logo design and pattern for medical mobile application “MedHelp”.

Idea of this project:

“MedHelp” is a medical mobile application for calling a nurse at home for medical procedures (massage, injection, dressing, etc.). Help is provided during the daytime.

The application provides an opportunity to leave a request for receiving medical services at home at the time specified by the patient, pay for services with a bank card.

After calling a specialist at home, you meet on the doorstep a friendly, tidy, excellent specialist whom you can trust and who will do everything to provide you with quality assistance.

There is no need to call your friends in search of a health worker who is ready to provide quality medical care at home. You do not need to go anywhere yourself, stand in traffic jams, wait in the lobby of the clinic for several hours, no need to look for and invite a person without a recommendation.

It is enough to leave a request and indicate what service and at what time you need to receive it. Our health worker will come to you at the appointed time and provide the necessary assistance.

Brand image: 

We are trusted. Health care services at home will be provided by a proven qualified nurse with experience, the owner of the service is responsible for the quality.

Fast, affordable, convenient, high quality. When pain does not wait, trust, understanding, help, reliability, compassion, responsibility comes to you.

Key image:

To help every patient to resolve their problems with health, make medical service with comfort and high quality for every client. “MedHelp” is an application which is very easy to use, accessible, understandable and time saving.

The main graphic element of the logo is symbol of home + medical cross, which says to us direct about the applications domain. Lettering “MedHelp” is very dynamic and understandable. For our logo we used colours: orange – open, courageous, sincere, personified with inner energy. Turquoise – color is striving for perfection, tranquility, healing. We created also dynamic pattern which contents medical symbols and emotional symbols.

Slogan: Home health care.


City Help


Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata